All contributed presentations are scheduled for 10-12 minutes followed by 3-5 minutes for questions. Invited speakers are scheduled for 25 minutes followed by 5 minutes for discussion. Standard audiovisual equipment will be available, including an LCD projector and screen, pointer, and a wireless microphone.

Poster boards are aligned in a vertical format. For optimal viewing, we recommend that authors confine their posters to AO poster size (33.1 inches wide by 46.8 inches high). Pins for posting will be available at the entrance of the poster hall. Posters may be placed since morning and should be removed after the poster session. Best poster will be awarded.

Poster sessions are an important and integral part of the ECT2011 Conference, as allow many more authors to share their research and ideas with others. A prize of 500 Euros will be awarded to the presenting author(s) of the winning poster. Selection of the Best Poster will be on the basis of content, appearance, graphic excellence, and presentation quality.